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mini plush lops
Plush Lop breed standard

 Please note my Plush Lops are Mini, and no more than 4lb in weight, this is the only standard  I could get information on and is for the standard Plush Lop.

Plush Lop (UK Version)

The ideal Plush Lop is a slightly heavier, rex furred version of the dwarf lop rabbit. It should have the compact cobby type of the dwarf lop and the density and appeal of the plush-like rex coat. To be judged as a lop breed not a rex breed.


Ring size: C                         Points

1) General type, weight and condition    25 pts

2) Head, ears, crown and eyes                 25 pts

3) Coat                                                        30 pts

4) Colour and pattern                       20 pts

     Total                                            100 pts




1) Type: Body short, firm and well muscled. Deep broad chest with wide shoulders, and well-rounded loins to create a compact, cobby appearance. Ideally the shoulders and the the hindquarters should be roughly the same width. Head set well on the shoulders with little visible neck. The front legs are short, strong and straight. The hind legs are short, strong and carried parrallel to the body. The tail is straight, strong and well furred.                                                          A small dewlap in does is permissible but not desirable.

Adult Weight: The ideal weight is 2.150kg (4lb12oz}

Maximum weight  2.500kg (5lb6oz)

Minimum weight   1.193kg (4lb4oz)


The exhibit should be in a perfect state of health and bodily condition, free from soiling, particularly on the feet, ears and genitals.The coat should reflect the overall good health of the animal, which should appear alert and vigorous.

2)Head, crown and ears and eyes.

Head: Bold and well developed, especially bucks. Good width between the eyes, full cheeks and a broad muzzle desirable.

Crown: Basal ridge between the ears to form a crown desirable.

Eyes: Bold, round, bright and large. Colour to match body colour.

Ears: Should be broad, thick, well furred and rounded at the ends. They should be carried close to the cheeks and hang down straight behind the eyes and not point forwards or backwards. The inside of the ears should not be visible when carried correctly. The ears are not measured.

3) Coat: Ideally as close as possible to the Rex breed coat, approximately 1.27cm(1/2 inch) in length. Fine silky texture, free from wooliness, good density, smooth and level over the body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush like character, devoid of projecting guard hairs.

4) Colour and pattern: Any colour or pattern accepted by the British Rabbit Council.


 Type and condition: Narrow low shoulders,too long in the body, narrow wedge shaped head.Ears carried back or not properly lopped. Excessive wear on pads,but skin unbroken, damaged ears, large dewlap. Rear feet not parallel with the body, light soiling of the feet and genitals. Slight soiling, or matting of fur. Long toe nails, white toely nails in coloured exhibits. Lack of vitality. Crooked or screw tail. Weight over the maximum to be fault not disqualification.


Coat: Lack of density, harsh, wavy or wooly or curly coats, excesive white hairs in coloured exhibits-(but not to be confused with ticked varieties such as fox or otters).Black hairs in blues or lilacs. Thin or curly triangle.
Disqualifications: Ill health, poor condition, malocclusion or deformed teeth, white patches, bowed or crooked legs, excessive dewlap, sore pads (where the skin on feet is broken or scabbed), runny, speckled, wall or odd coloured eyes. Head and type too much resemblance to standard rex. Excessive soiling, parasitic infection, evidence of irregular show preparation such as trimming or dying.

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